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The Agricultural School Dalovice provides education in Agribusiness. Daily studies are accomplished with the school leaving exams called „Maturita“.

The graduates can assert themselves in: Primary agroproduction Firms and companies keeping municipal greenery and parks or in firms providing services and consultancy in agriculture, environmental protection and forestry Public service and municipalities

Gardening Firms and companies keeping municipal greenery and parks or in firms providing services and consultancy in gardening (both garden designs and their implementation) Public service and municipalities.

Organic agriculture is an integral part of the curriculum.

In the fourth class, students can choose from two blocks of subjects. In Agribusiness the first one is environmentally orientated (it includes game keeping and hunting and horse breeding), the other specializes in economics, accountancy and informatics.

Other possibilities to enlarge skills and knowledge during the studies

  • students can get free driving license type T (tractor) and B (personal motor car)
  • they will get four-year practice in computer technology, even in the the frame of specialized subjects
  • they can practice their knowledge of German and English in training stays in Saxony
  • if students of Agribusiness successfully accomplish their game keeping and hunting studies and the school leaving exams, they will gain education equal to a higher specialized education in game keeping which enables them to get a game license and after some practice they can assert themselves as game-keeping managers.


The Agricultural School Dalovice has its own farm (37 ha), which is completely on the basis of organic agriculture, so all its products are certified as „BIO“. All necessary work is performed by students themselves supervised by the pedagogues. Other practice is performed in the school garden and farms in the surroundings of Karlovy Vary.

Other information

The founder of the school is the Karlovy Vary District

The school has its own school canteen, sports ground and a gym

The school is connected to the Internet and students are allowed to use it after the lessons as well

The school makes it possible for the students to get a farming or gardening practice in Saxony

The students take part in various specialized events abroad

Foreign languages – German or English

Other activities of the Agricultural School Dalovice
The Ministry of Agriculture has given the school the license for organizing the Course for the Performance of General Agriculture
The school is a regional working place for the PRO-BIO ASSOCIATION for the Northwest Bohemia
Since 2005, the school has been a detached working place of the Institute for Agricultural and Food Information
The cooperation with the regional Agrarian Chamber has resulted in the founding of the District and Information Center for the Development of the Countryside

The school is accessible by municipal bus No. 17 (terminal)

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